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Turf Grass Management

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Plant and Turf Grass Care

Northwest Landscaping takes a learned approach to plant and turfgrass health care.  Lawn maintenance includes:

  • Mowing — It is the process of clipping off the growing points and one of the most important practices in keeping your lawn healthy
  • Trimming — The action of cutting off the unwanted or untidy parts of grass
  • Edging — For proper lawn maintenance care, edging is performed with a blade
  • Blowing — Eliminating all debris generated by mowing activity
  • Cleanup of Natural Debris — Removal of any unwanted accumulated debris
  • Aeration — Core aeration punches through the hard, crusty layer allowing penetration of water and fertilizer into the root zone
  • Overseeding — Is essential for maintaining your lawn’s long-term health and vibrancy. Rye grass installation is done in the fall for green lawns throughout the winter season
  • Fertilization — The practice of applying the appropriate nutrients at the correct times of the year to maximize the fertility of the soil and maintain vibrant, green, healthy lawns
  • Detaching — The practice of removing thatch build up